Angel Confessions

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    Just because Joss Whedon set up BTVS as a feminist show with strong, female characters doesn’t mean there aren’t gender...
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    Is this even real?? Because to be frank, it took Cordelia some consideration before she accepted that half-demon offer....
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    Hi, so question: how many apocalypses did Buffy nearly-single-handedly avert prior to giving up her life to save her...
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    There are just no words for how fucking ridiculous this confession is. Basically all of these comments are win. And I’d...
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    ifeltyourheartbeat: Sometimes I really hate fandom and I wish that I never was on tumblr. What the fuck is this...
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    This….is fucking stupid..i can’t even….just no.
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    I don’t think the rape argument has anything to do with it. Buffy and Cordelia were in different situations. Buffy...
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    This Buffy possession/rape argument is getting crazy. Buffy is a show that empowers the female gender. It’s not about...
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    I am baffled how either situation was even comparable to the other. To be honest, I wonder if the person who wrote that...
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    Thanks. I wouldn’t have drawn the connection between that line and the one in the secret. That is where I was getting...
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    This should clarify it.
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    I was just thinking about this. How, on Angel, they insinuated that both Cordy and Buffy were on the higher plane. And,...
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